Sunday, April 27, 2014

When your heart speaks
take good notes

Friday, April 25, 2014

Keep smiling 
seize every moment
try new things 
be legendary
bold fearless
amaze yourself
take chances
embrace change
be optimistic
now is your time

Find someone
you are passionate about
and keep them tremendously
interested in it

THe truth doesn't cost anything
but a lie could cost you everything

It"s such an amazing thing
to be loved for who you are

The friends I have never met

It's strange to a friend that you never met
but that you have been touched by their soul
seen the good in their heart and and felt
the warmth of their being
the friends I have never met are not my
friends untouched
for I have felt them with me when I needed them
I have confided in them and they are some of the kindest people
I have ever known
My friends never forget
just how special you are to me

Don't just fall in love with the result
fall in love with the process
far when you fall in love
with the result
take care of themselves

Be careful who you share your weakness with
Some people can't wait for the opportunity
to use them
againt you

you have to give up
on people
not because
you don't care
but because
they don't

Try and fail
but don't fail
to try

I don't know
the key to success
but the key to failure
is trying to please